Scream 2 

Director – Wes Craven 

Cast – Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Jamie Kennedy, Elise Neal, Jerry O’Connell, Liev Schreiber 

Plot – Sidney Prescott is now in college, and trying to forget about her past. With the new movie “Stab” premiering, about the killings that happened to Sidney and her friends back in highchool, the killer or killers are back for stalk them in college. 

Review – Everyone knows that horror movie sequels are rarely as good as the original. With Scream 2 however, Wes Craven brings us a special movie that brings the charm from the first movie to this sequel. The best thing about the Scream Franchise is that it knows what it is. This movie knows it’s a sequel and even brings that point across during the film. Also, this movie breaks the 4th wall a couple times which is always fun to see if done right in a film. The reason I loved the first Scream movie is because it brings all the tropes and clichés modern day horror movies do and make fun of them. For the acting in this movie, there are some ups and downs. Neve Campbell plays the same character as the first movie, but you can tell she’s still dealing with her past. Dewey is my favorite in this series. He is funny, likeable, and an overall good guy when he is trying to help the people around him. If you haven’t seen this sequel and enjoyed the first Scream, you will enjoy it almost as much as the first. But you will have to see the original before this movie because it ties back and talks about the past. I’ll give Scream 2 a…


Curse of Chucky 

Director – Don Mancini 

Cast – Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti, Summer H. Howell, Brennan Elliott

Plot – For the sixth installment in the Chucky franchise, Chucky comes back to torment a family who he has history with.

Review – I liked the first Child’s Play movie, but after that they all went downhill. So with this reboot, The Curse of Chucky brings back the original voice of Chucky, which was really the only enjoyable part of the movie. This movie was just a mess. The acting was awful. There is no character development, you just don’t care about anyone in this movie. Everyone is just so stupid also. All these deaths could of been avoided, but they do the classic horror movie cliché. This is going to be a short review, because there is not much to say about this dull, cliché horror movie reboot. But if you have seen all the movies in the Chucky franchise, you may find the very end funny and put a smile on your face, saying you will make it to the end. I give this movie a…


Director – Rob Zombie

Cast – Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Meg Foster, Elizabeth Daily, Richard Brake, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Jeff Daniel Phillips

Plot – When five carnies get kidnapped on Halloween and are forced to play a twisted game called 31. It consist of surviving for 12 hours against a bunch of maniacs.




Review – I am a big Rob Zombie fan in general and I was excited for this movie, hoping for another classic Rob Zombie movie. I heard mixed reviews about this film. The start of the movie right off the bat was brutal, but after the first scene the movie seemed to slow down a bit. Rob Zombie isn’t known for his dialogue in his movies, and this movie is no exception, because the dialogue is just bad. Every single movie that his wife is in (all of his movies) she does the same thing, stand there to look hot and badass, which she pulls off well. But, the overall movie I did enjoy. Just from the standpoint to be a gorefest and slasher the movie does it job. The villains are somewhat of a hit and miss though. No spoilers, but Death and Sex was just dumb. After you have two killer clowns, you have to top that somehow, and Death and Sex just disappointed. The overall verdict of this movie is that if you enjoy Rob Zombie movies, you will find enjoyment in this one for sure, but if you like more of a more “sophisticated” horror movie this isn’t for you. So, I will give this movie a…


Friday the 13th, Part V – A New Beginning

Director – Danny Steinmann

Cast – John Shepherd, Shaver Ross, Richard Young, Melanie Kinnaman

Plot – A couple of kids who need help with their mental issues and ticks go to a house to restart and get help, stumble onto Jason being awoken.




Review – I was bored today and did not have any homework so i decided to pick a seasonal movie for halloween coming up and I just stumbled on this piece of shit. I am a fan of the franchise in general, for the overall campy feel to it, but this addition to the series was just awful. The movie had so many useless characters that were solely on screen just to be killed off by Jason. Some people did not even have names, this one scene had two kids fixing a car in the middle of nowhere, one guy goes and takes a crap, then Jason just comes and kills them off both. At least with the previous films, Jason had a motive to kill, but in this movie he just gets woken up and goes on a random killing spree. And isn’t Jason suppose to be intimidating, because here he looked like a total pussy. Overall if you are looking for a good slasher film for the Halloween season DO NOT pick Friday the 13th Part V. It is an hour and a half on my life I will not get back.






Passengers Trailer Review

Cast – Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne

Plot – When a spacecraft if traveling to another planet with hibernation chambers with all the passengers sleeping in, two of the pods malfunction and open 90 years too early.




Review – With two of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now, this film should be a commercial success. With the director of “The Imitation Game”, Morten Tyldum, this movie should have great dialogue and conflicts among the two main characters. But like many other trailers today, this showed way too much of the story I would like to know. This is a kind of movie that should have a trailer that keeps the viewers wanting more and wondering what the overall movie is about. However, this movie’s overall look looks amazing. The visuals for this movie should be comparable to Avatar or Gravity, because Passengers has an insane budget of 120 million dollars! I put the link about to watch the trailer for Passengers, let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments below.

Top 3 most anticipated movies for the rest of 2016

Let’s be honest, 2016 hasn’t been the best year for moviegoers. From many box office bombs, to just underwhelming movies…Suicide Squad. But, who knows, maybe the final months on 2016 will give us some great flicks, but till then we can only wait. Here are the top 3 most anticipated movies for the rest of 2016.


Number 3 – Arrival

November 11th 



Why- This movie has been going under the radar pretty much the whole year. Many people don’t know much about this movie, even when the trailer dropped for this, it did not give away much, which is really good for this type of movie. People will want to go see this movie, to see how everything plays out and what has really “arrived”.


Number 2 – Assassins Creed

December 21st



Why- This one was a tough one to pick. I was stuck between Assassin’s Creed or Hacksaw Ridge. Just because every moviegoer finally wants to see a good video game movie, and this may be the last chance. With Michael Fassbender as the lead role, it looks like this can overtop the video games to movie stereotype. I am not big into the video game series, Assassins Creed, but from what I have heard, this movie is trying to stick to its original content from the games. Will this be the movie be the one to break the awful video game movies? All we can do now is wait and find out.


Number 1 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

December 16th 



Why- Do I really have to say anymore? C’mon this is Star Wars. Last year’s Star Wars movie was my favorite and the hype to that movie was like nothing else. Even though this movie doesn’t have as much hype to to as its predecessor, this will, I hope, add another great movie into the Star Wars franchise.


Thanks for reading, leave your personal opinions on which movies you think will be a hit ending 2016!

Get Hard – Movie Review

Director – Etan Cohen

Cast – Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Craig T. Nelson, Alison Brie, Edwina Findley Dickerson, Ariana Neal

Plot – James King, played by Will Ferrell, is a wealthy business man, has a hot wife, a huge life, and all the money he can want. Darnell, played by Kevin Hart, has his own car wash company in an underground parking garage, working really hard to get his daughter into a better school, and move his family out of his crappy house. After James King is sentenced to 10 years to a harsh jail, for a crime he doesn’t think he committed, he needs to learn how to become tough before he goes to jail, so he meets up with Darnell to teach him how to “get hard” and that’s pretty much the movie.


Review – I had high expectations going into this movie, just because of the two lead roles in it. Now, I’m not saying I did not enjoy the movie, but I thought I would like it a lot better than I actually did. Kevin Hart played the same role in this movie that he did in his last few. He talks really fast, says some funny shit, then expect us to laugh. But, he also had some real funny parts too, but for the most part it was the same kind of character. When I saw Will Ferrell, I thought to myself, “damn he is getting old”. You can just tell from how he looks he’s getting old. However, he was really funny I thought. He pretty much played the same kind of Will Ferrell guy you see in the movies. But, for the movie, the overall movie was predictable as shit. A lot of the jokes fell flat, and it seemed liked the big jokes were suppose to make you fall over laughing, but they didn’t, while the smaller jokes were really funny and made you laugh more than the bigger ones. Overall, the movie is what you think it would be, funny and stupid. At the end of the day i give this movie 3-5 stars.


American History X – Review 

Director  –  Tony Kaye

Cast – Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Beverly D’Angelo, Jennifer Lien

Plot – A former neo-Nazi, Derek Vinyard, (Edward Norton), learns his lesson while he is in jail, that he should change his life, and try to change his younger brother’s way of life. 



Review – the reason I watched this movie today is because i was in a long car ride, and i needed a movie to watch, so my dad told me to watch this. I did not know a lot about this movie going into it, but this movie really interested me. I don’t want to ruin this movie for you, if you have not already seen it. I loved how they filmed this movie. The flashback scenes were all in black and white, and the normal scenes were all normal, which was really cool. The movie was very graphic, on the jail life, the Nazi life, and the overall hardships of the family in this film. I loved the casting choices in this movie, because it just seemed like the two Nazis were just the perfect fit and felt like real skinheads. I hated the ending though, because I really grew on the kid, but at the same time I saw it coming. If you are a fan of the dark drama and good action I would totally check this movie out. I give it a 5-5. 


Goon Movie Review

Director – Michael Dowse

Cast – Sean William Scott, Jay Baruchel, Alison Pill, Liev Schreiber, Eugene Levy, Marc-André Grondin

Plot – Doug Glatt (Sean William Scott) comes from a family of doctors and succesful people, but he is just a bar bouncer. When he attends a hockey game, he gets into a fight with a player in the penalty box, and beats him up and the coach is impressed. So, he calls him up and joins the team and goes from there.


Review – The reason I watched this movie is because I am in a five-hour car ride to Kansas, so I decided to watch this, I did not know a lot going into the film, but all I knew is that it was going to be dirty because of Sean William Scott. And I was really surprised that I liked this movie. The acting was good for who was in it. The story wasn’t all that bad, it was very predictable, but you still wanted to see how it happened. Sean William Scott was a badass in this movie. The one thing that I did not like in this movie, was that there had to be a relationship problem in this movie. If you took out the relationship part in the movie, the movie would be the exact same. But the overall action in the movie made up for it. The fighting sequences were really cool, and the slow-motion camera effects was really effective for the scenes. The “bad guy” in this movie was really badass, and I put the quotes around bad guy, because people thought he was a bad guy, but he was actually a good guy who had a bad reputation. Honestly, if you are a fan of a gritty, funny, sports movie, this one is for you and I highly recommend to go watch this one. I give this a 4-5 stars.


Borat Movie Review

Director – Larry Charles

Cast – Sacha Baron Cohen and Anthony Hines

Plot – Sacha Baron Cohen stars in the lead role as Borat who travles to America to learn about the American ways and the culture.


Review – I remember when I saw my dad watching this movie when I was in sixth grade and I really wanted to see it. So, I took the opportunity to watch it when I got  older, and I really enjoyed it. I did not know who Sacha Baron Cohen was before this film, but after I watched this movie, I looked him up and watched all his movies, from Bruno and Ali G. But lets talk about Borat. This movie was fucking hilarious. I really like how this movie was filmed, like a mokumentury. I was thinking if any of the people knew this movie was filming around them, and I looked it up and most of the scenes where NOT staged. Cohen did a great job with this movie, form the plot, the jokes, and the overall element of disbelief you get from watching this movie. If you guys havent read my blog of my favorite movies of all time, go check it out, because Borat appears on there for a good reason. To this day it is my favorite comedy movie and there is nothing like it. If you guys have not seen it yet, I highly recommend to watch this, but maybe not with your parents.
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