Good Boys Movie Review

Cast – Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon, Molly Gordon

Writer – Seth Rogen

Producer – Seth Rogen

Director – Gene Stupnitsky

Plot – when sixth graders, Max, Lucas, and Thor, are invited to a kissing party they are worried because they don’t know how to kiss. So Max decides to take his father’s drone to spy on some girls to try to learn. When they lose the drone, they have to go on a wild goose chase to retrieve it.

Review – H.O.L.Y C.R.A.P!! Stuber you need to take notes on how to make a comedy. I was really excited to go see Good Boys because it was produced and written by Seth Rogen and we all know what happens when he is involved with a film. And this film flew way above my expectations for the belly laughs. No joke me and my friends were laughing for the entire 90 minutes of the movie and whenever a comedy can make that happen it has done its job. Maybe it’s just because it’s the raunchiest of the writing (thank you Seth) or because it’s all said by 12 year olds. If you are not a fan of potty mouth and vulgar humor don’t even waste your time with Good Boys, go watch The Grand Budapest Hotel you self centered jackass. The children they casted in this film were spot on, one being the leader, the other the “badass”, and the last one being the innocent one. Even the supporting cast of children killed it in their roles. One thing I was worried about was if the concept of sixth graders being vulgar and dirty throughout the run time of the film would get old and run down, however they never made it go over the top with the swearing, only using it in times that fit. It really felt like these kids were in sixth grade and had no idea about anything involving sex. The director really killed it when it came to portraying what grade school is probably like now a days with kids swearing, talking about sex, and “sipping” a beer. Even though the laughs were great, they never shy away from showing real emotion when it has too. This could have been a very dangerous move because most of the film is in your face potty mouth humor, but then you really start to feel a connection and know what it feels like to be in a friendship and the hardships that come with it. it really does such writing a spoiler free review, especially for Good Boys because I want to explain some of the jokes, but I’ll just let you see it for yourself. This is a shorter review because there isn’t that much else to say about Good Boys other than it is hands down the funniest movie of the summer and one of the biggest surprises by far. Please please please go see this as soon as possible because everyone needs 90 minutes of laughter in their lives sometime. I give Good Boys a…

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Cast – Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Kurt Russell, Al Pacino

Director – Quinton Tarantino

Plot – After Rick Dalton was on top of the acting world in the 1950s staring in Westerns, he sees himself losing all confidence in what he has done his whole life.

Review – If you have been waiting 2 years for a movie to be released you would obviously have high expectations going into it when it finally comes out, and this was me with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This is Tarantino’s 9th film in his career and it’s unlike any of his past projects. Before I start getting into what I thought about this film I have to say first that the film isn’t for everyone. Some people are gonna love and some people are gonna hate, there will me no middle ground for this movie. I’ll explain why. This movie has no plot for the most part. Yeah it has a story that you kind of follow throughout the film but in general it’s pretty much 2 and a half hours of people hanging out and talking which many people may find boring. I absolutely loved this film. This is by far the best movie I have seen in 2019 without a doubt. Tarantino is a master at writing screenplays even when nothing is happening. There are scenes in this movie that happen and you think why did that happen at all, and that’s the best part, it had nothing at all to do with the movie. It’s just Tarantino doing what he did back in the 90s and early 2000s! Moving onto the cast. Leo and Pit were absolutely amazing side by side. Those two had chemistry that I haven’t seen in a long time in a film. Pitt plays Leo’s stunt double in all his tv shows and movies. They are best friends and they do everything together. I felt like Margot Robbie could have had some more screen time as Sharon Tate, because every time she was on screen it was a fun watch. Obviously the cast in any Tarantino movie is going to be great but this one really stands out to me compared to his last couple. Just the dynamic of Pitt and Leo made this movie what it was. No one else could have played those roles. Tarantino has always had a nag for comedy in his movies and this is his funniest ones. No spoilers but there is this one scene where he sets up a fight sequence and the scene is about 8 minutes long, and right after the scene ends there is a one liner and everyone in the theatre went crazy. This one liner wouldn’t have worked if that scene before it wasn’t as long as it was. It was brilliant. People going to this movie may think it’s all about the infamous murders Charlie Manson committed, but it’s not at all. Manson probably has about 30 minutes of screen time, if that throughout the whole movie. The last 45 minutes however is vintage Tarantino, with blood everywhere, over the top violence, and scenes that would make you cover your eyes. Overall this was a really hard movie to review because I can’t say much about the movie and not spoil anything that happens, even though there isn’t really a main plot line. Just please go see this movie over the weekend because it is so hard to explain. It’s a very different movie that many people will not like and many people will love. This is the best movie so far of 2019 and I give Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…

Stuber Movie Review

Cast – Dave (former WWE World Heavyweight Champion of the World) Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani

Director – Michael Dowse

Plot – after a cop gets eye surgery he needs too find a ride to catch a hero on dealer in the LA area who killed his partner in the past. This is when he meets Stu (no not the Stu from Cali and friends) an Uber driver who doesn’t have anything going for him in life. This is where the shenanigans start.

Review – Oh my where do I start with this film. In my defense I only went to go see this movie because of the former WWE World champion Batista, also the $5 movie ticket was a factor. Let’s start off with the director. Me. Dowse is a very talented film maker. He has mad “White If” one of my favorite romantic comedies and also directed “Goon” a great sports comedy, so it wasn’t all bad from the start. However, his comedic skills were not shown at all in this movie. One of the most awkward things that can happen in a theatre is when a joke is said and there is that 2-3 second pause afterwards for all the laughter to stop, and then no one laughs at all. That happened throughout the entirety of the movie. Let’s talk about the actual premise and acting of the movie. I love Batista and almost everything he is in, and Mr. Nanjiani has shown his acting chops as the lead role in the comedy “The Big Sick”. These two have NO chemistry at all and with a buddy cop comedy that’s a huge problem. Stu was an annoying uber driver and I felt like half this film was an ad to Uber to show how great their drivers are and how the company operates, and that’s just a huge “fuck you” to the audience. The story also made no sense at all! Don’t get my wrong but I’m not a expert on eye surgery one bit but I can use my head and think that if someone gets it in one day they won’t be going out into LA the same day to try and go kill a wanted criminal. I understand a movie like this doesn’t have to make total sense but don’t make the audience feel like idiots. Let’s talk about the acting now. Batista was a little underwhelming for me which is a big disappointment. He played a role that really wasn’t in his comfort zone at times. His lines were written horribly, not his fault, but he delivered them like he was just there for the paycheck at the end. HA doesn’t that sound familiar for all the WWE fans out there like at Backlash in 2005…RIP. Stu on the other hand was just flat out annoying, and not in the good way. When your main character just does things to make the movie keep going is never a good sign. There was plenty of times he could have left Dave and go back to his normal life like any sane people would. You can’t tell me an Uber driver would stay with a cop who has killed 5 people right in front of him and continue the journey with him. You can’t forget about the basic love story that was spliced into her to make the movie make the time limit either. My god how bad was that?! So Stu is in love with this woman who got cheated by her boyfriend. They have known each other since college and he has been in love with her ever since. Sorry for spoilers ahead but who really cares. Stu tells her he loves her over FaceTime and she rejects him and he gets over it like that! NO! He was obsessing over this girl the whole movie, even cried over her, and then all the sudden he’s over her like that? Fuck You. The hardest I laughed in this movie wasn’t even at a joke and I was the only one laughing too. I laughed at the very end when it’s midnight and they are fighting the criminal. Doesn’t sound funny to you? Well, no joke, 10 MINUTES later they get the criminal in handcuffs and what do you know…here comes the fucking sun rising in the horizon ten minutes past midnight. When that is the funniest part of the movie you know it’s bad. Overall this movie was a gigantic pile of shit. I will not recommended this to anyone unless I really don’t like them. However since it has my boy Batista in it, it automatically gets 2 stars. If he wasn’t a lead role it would have 1. I give Stuber…

MA Movie Review

Director – Tate Taylor

Cast – Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers, Juliette Lewis, McKaley Miller, Corey Fogelmanis

Plot – When a lonely woman befriends a bunch of high schoolers and starts buying them alcohol and allows them to party at her home, things start getting weirder and weirder.


Review – So, before I start this review, I was want to say that if you are going to a movie please do not go and snore very loudly for the first 30 minutes of the film. This old lady behind me decided to take a nice little snooze for the first half hour so if you are reading this THANK YOU!! Well after that rant lets get to the review. First things first, is that Octavia Spencer absolutely kills it as MA. She was having so much fun with this role and you could definitely tell. There has not been a horror movie in the last couple of years that have been original to be fair. This is not the most original concept in the industry but it is not another remake. The story is cut and dry for the most part, but when it attempts to try something new it is hit or miss without giving spoilers. The first half of the movie drags a bit, seeing our main character movie to a new town, the first day of high school and all that jazz you have seen before. When the second act of the movie starts to roll, things get very tense. If you are going to the movies and want to see an all-out gore fest and a fast-paced horror film, this is not for you. MA is a very slow burner but does it in an effective way without boring the audience. With all this being said, the one part or parts in MA that really pissed me off was how STUPID these high schoolers were in any sort of bad situation. I know blondes in horror movies are cast as the dumb ones, but the one in MA is on another level of dumbness! This movie could have ended in the first 45 minutes if the supporting cast didn’t have rocks in their head, but then we wouldn’t have a movie would we? With only one complaint in this entire, which is a big one, once the last 30 minutes hits the screen you will be locked in. There were certain scenes that I literally had to look away from the screen because it was way too stressful. The violent picks up, and oh boy does it pick up! I think a lot of directors today forget how violent you can be without showing gallons of blood all over the screen. All in all, if you want a good horror thriller, with a lot of suspense, great lead actresses and stupid teens go check out MA today and make sure you do not snore! I give MA a…


Long Shot Movie Review

Director – Jonathan Levine

Cast – Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron, June Diane Raphel, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Ravi Petal.

Plot – After Fred Flarsky loses his job as a journalist, looking to get his mind off his misfortunes, his friend, Lance, takes him out. While out, he runs into his middle school crush who is now the Secretary of State. Knowing his lack of a job, she offers him a job as a writer for her campaign and sparks begin to fly.longshotheader.jpg

Review – So, going into the movie I had very high hopes with this, seeing it was another Seth Rogen comedy, but not produced by his normal team. Rogen plays a role he has played multiple times before such as in Guilt Trip, which I know all of us would love to forget. Don’t get me wrong, they are completely different movies, but he isn’t his typical stoner persona. To start, Rogen and Theron had unbelievable chemistry throughout. This is the first time they have worked side by side in leading roles, and honestly, I can see it happening again. This was Theron’s first ever lead role in a comedy if you do not count A Million Ways to Die in the West. The first act of the movie kicked things off with a lot of crude humor and classic Rogen material, who doesn’t love that? Going into the second act, things simmered down a bit with the in your face humor and turned more to the relationship with Rogen and Theron. Going into the movie I do not think many of us thought that these two would work together on screen, but this on-screen couple was cast perfectly. The supporting cast also was a big contributing factor within the movie. One gripe I have to pick out in this film is how the ending seemed a little rushed which is weird because this was a 2 hour and 5 minute run time, which is very rare for studio comedies these days. Overall, if you want a feel-good film and a lot of laughs, go check out Long Shot and not Endgame. Long Shot will make you laugh, tear up, and get a sense of joy when walking out of the theater. I give Long Shot…download

Scream 2 

Director – Wes Craven 

Cast – Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Jamie Kennedy, Elise Neal, Jerry O’Connell, Liev Schreiber 

Plot – Sidney Prescott is now in college, and trying to forget about her past. With the new movie “Stab” premiering, about the killings that happened to Sidney and her friends back in highchool, the killer or killers are back for stalk them in college. 

Review – Everyone knows that horror movie sequels are rarely as good as the original. With Scream 2 however, Wes Craven brings us a special movie that brings the charm from the first movie to this sequel. The best thing about the Scream Franchise is that it knows what it is. This movie knows it’s a sequel and even brings that point across during the film. Also, this movie breaks the 4th wall a couple times which is always fun to see if done right in a film. The reason I loved the first Scream movie is because it brings all the tropes and clichés modern day horror movies do and make fun of them. For the acting in this movie, there are some ups and downs. Neve Campbell plays the same character as the first movie, but you can tell she’s still dealing with her past. Dewey is my favorite in this series. He is funny, likeable, and an overall good guy when he is trying to help the people around him. If you haven’t seen this sequel and enjoyed the first Scream, you will enjoy it almost as much as the first. But you will have to see the original before this movie because it ties back and talks about the past. I’ll give Scream 2 a…

Curse of Chucky 

Director – Don Mancini 

Cast – Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti, Summer H. Howell, Brennan Elliott

Plot – For the sixth installment in the Chucky franchise, Chucky comes back to torment a family who he has history with.

Review – I liked the first Child’s Play movie, but after that they all went downhill. So with this reboot, The Curse of Chucky brings back the original voice of Chucky, which was really the only enjoyable part of the movie. This movie was just a mess. The acting was awful. There is no character development, you just don’t care about anyone in this movie. Everyone is just so stupid also. All these deaths could of been avoided, but they do the classic horror movie cliché. This is going to be a short review, because there is not much to say about this dull, cliché horror movie reboot. But if you have seen all the movies in the Chucky franchise, you may find the very end funny and put a smile on your face, saying you will make it to the end. I give this movie a…


Director – Rob Zombie

Cast – Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Meg Foster, Elizabeth Daily, Richard Brake, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Jeff Daniel Phillips

Plot – When five carnies get kidnapped on Halloween and are forced to play a twisted game called 31. It consist of surviving for 12 hours against a bunch of maniacs.




Review – I am a big Rob Zombie fan in general and I was excited for this movie, hoping for another classic Rob Zombie movie. I heard mixed reviews about this film. The start of the movie right off the bat was brutal, but after the first scene the movie seemed to slow down a bit. Rob Zombie isn’t known for his dialogue in his movies, and this movie is no exception, because the dialogue is just bad. Every single movie that his wife is in (all of his movies) she does the same thing, stand there to look hot and badass, which she pulls off well. But, the overall movie I did enjoy. Just from the standpoint to be a gorefest and slasher the movie does it job. The villains are somewhat of a hit and miss though. No spoilers, but Death and Sex was just dumb. After you have two killer clowns, you have to top that somehow, and Death and Sex just disappointed. The overall verdict of this movie is that if you enjoy Rob Zombie movies, you will find enjoyment in this one for sure, but if you like more of a more “sophisticated” horror movie this isn’t for you. So, I will give this movie a…


Friday the 13th, Part V – A New Beginning

Director – Danny Steinmann

Cast – John Shepherd, Shaver Ross, Richard Young, Melanie Kinnaman

Plot – A couple of kids who need help with their mental issues and ticks go to a house to restart and get help, stumble onto Jason being awoken.




Review – I was bored today and did not have any homework so i decided to pick a seasonal movie for halloween coming up and I just stumbled on this piece of shit. I am a fan of the franchise in general, for the overall campy feel to it, but this addition to the series was just awful. The movie had so many useless characters that were solely on screen just to be killed off by Jason. Some people did not even have names, this one scene had two kids fixing a car in the middle of nowhere, one guy goes and takes a crap, then Jason just comes and kills them off both. At least with the previous films, Jason had a motive to kill, but in this movie he just gets woken up and goes on a random killing spree. And isn’t Jason suppose to be intimidating, because here he looked like a total pussy. Overall if you are looking for a good slasher film for the Halloween season DO NOT pick Friday the 13th Part V. It is an hour and a half on my life I will not get back.






Passengers Trailer Review

Cast – Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne

Plot – When a spacecraft if traveling to another planet with hibernation chambers with all the passengers sleeping in, two of the pods malfunction and open 90 years too early.




Review – With two of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now, this film should be a commercial success. With the director of “The Imitation Game”, Morten Tyldum, this movie should have great dialogue and conflicts among the two main characters. But like many other trailers today, this showed way too much of the story I would like to know. This is a kind of movie that should have a trailer that keeps the viewers wanting more and wondering what the overall movie is about. However, this movie’s overall look looks amazing. The visuals for this movie should be comparable to Avatar or Gravity, because Passengers has an insane budget of 120 million dollars! I put the link about to watch the trailer for Passengers, let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments below.